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In 1995, the TriValley Business Council joined with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to create the TriValley Science and Engineering Fair.The Sixth Annual Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair is scheduled for March 21, 2002 at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum.

The event is co-sponsored by the Business Council, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Contra Costa Newspapers, Chevron Corporation, Tri-Valley Community Fund, and the Blackhawk Automotive Museum.

The main goal of the Fair is to encourage students in grades 7-12 to pursue their interest in science and technology and to encourage teachers and business mentors to assist them in these pursuits. The Fair also provides an opportunity for the students to receive public recognition for their achievements and to encourage them to enter careers relating to science and engineering.

At the 2001 Fair there were 219 projects presented by 266 students. Each year the students who win the top awards at our Tri-Valley event receive an all-expense paid trip to compete in the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair. Last year we sent our individual and team award winners to the INTEL International Fair in San Jose, California. Our Team Project Winners, Emily Sweeney and Sadie Tierney of Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, won the Third Place Award at the International Fair. This is the fifth straight year that our Tri-Valley contestants have placed among the finalists in the International competition.

This year the International Fair will be held in Lexington, Kentucky. We want to have a strong showing at this event. We need your help to do that.

We need your support, through financial sponsorship and through volunteer assistance for student mentoring, event judging and logistics support at the Fair event. Attached is an outline of financial contribution levels and a sheet defining volunteer opportunities.

Please help us to continue and improve this worthwhile event.


Tom O’Malley
Tri-Valley Business Council

Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair
Financial Contribution Levels
Gold Members — $2,500 and above
Silver Members — $1,000 to 2,499
Bronze Members — $ 500 to 999
Patrons of the Fair — $ 250 to 499
Friends of the Fair — up to $249

Checks should be made out to the Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair and mailed to:

Tom O’Malley
Tri-Valley Business Council
PO Box 3258
Livermore, CA 94551-3258


Mentoring: The students are offered the opportunity to ask for a technical professional to assist them with questions about their projects. This activity is coordinated through the TVSEF organizational staff. Prior to requesting mentoring support the student must select his/her topic. A professional who can provide assistance with questions, possibly equipment which might be difficult for the student to obtain on their own, or referring them to others or books which can be of assistance is then matched with the requesting student. There are 13 scientific, mathematical, or computer related categories the student can select from so all scientific disciplines are welcome.

Judging: Last year the Fair had approximately 50 judges for the 105 projects. It is expected that the number of projects will increase this year. The more judges, the more opportunities the students have to discuss their projects with professionals (a highlight of their experience last year many reported). Judges must be available for one day during the Fair (March 17) from approximately 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Information on the criteria and tips to help judges is provided through a short briefing and written materials prior to the Fair. Judges are organized in teams and given specific projects to judge. All professional disciplines are needed; we try to match backgrounds with appropriate projects when possible. Individuals with biology or related expertise were in short supply last year.

Scientific Review Committee members: Advanced degreed scientific professionals can participate in the review of the students’ applications and research plans as part of the acceptance process. We are attempting to expand the number of members so as to lessen the burden on each individual. Activity for this committee increases near the deadline for application in February. Some members must also participate on the se-up day of the Fair to provide final review and sign-off of completed projects prior to judging. Interested individuals can speak with the Chairman for additional information (contact Karen Kiernan, Fair Director).

Administrative volunteer support during the Fair: There is a need for volunteers during the Fair that can assist in many areas: Set-up, registration, safety checking of projects, student direction and assistance, and security are among those activities which are needed throughout the Fair days (March 17-20).

Facility Tour: We are looking for local businesses that would be willing to provide a tour of its facility to the students. Exposure to various businesses provides the students an opportunity to see the vast choices they have in technical and scientific career areas. Last year they were provided a VIP tour of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Blackhawk Automotive Museum, including the paleontology wing.

Anyone interested in a Volunteer position should contact Karen Kiernan by calling her at 925-423-9051.

We’re proud to say that each year the Fair has grown in student participation and sponsor participation. Each year the students who win the top awards at our TriValley event receive an all-expense paid trip to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. For the last four years our student winners have placed among the finalists in the International competition.

The TriValley Science and Engineering Fair needs community support through financial sponsorships and volunteer assistance to continue its fine achievements.

To become a sponsor contact Tom O’Malley, president of the TriValley Business Council at:
925 890-1892.

For volunteer and internship information contact Karen Kiernan, Fair Director, at:
925 423-9051.

TriValley Science and Engineering Fair maintained by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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