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TriValley Job XPO

The TriValley Business Council created the TriValley Career Expo in 1998. Since then we’ve held seven successful career events – the last being renamed the TriValley JOBXPO which we co-sponsored with TecConnect at the Pleasanton Hilton in February.

The purpose behind sponsoring this event has been twofold. As part of our economic vitality initiatives the Council believes it’s important to promote the growing companies of the area to prospective job seekers. The TriValley is truly a place you can find more than a job – you can find a career.

The second reason for sponsoring the event has to do with quality of life. We want to get those people driving through the TriValley to Silicon Valley and San Francisco off our roads and into jobs here. That’s one way to help attack the traffic issues that will only get worse if something isn’t done about it.

For more information about the next TriValley JOBXPO visit the event website at It’s a great event to raise the profile of your company to job seekers looking for careers in the TriValley.

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